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ABC Carnival '74
Across the Board
Be What You Want
Beat The Genius
Beat The Odds (1962)
Beat The Odds (1975)
Bedtime Stories
The Better Sex
The Big Money
The Big Payoff
Big Spenders
Blank Check
Body Language
Body Talk
The Buck Stops Here
Call My Bluff
Card Sharks (1996)
Caught in the Act
Celebrity Billiards
Celebrity Doubletalk
Celebrity Secrets
Celebrity Sweepstakes
Chain Letter (1964)
The Challengers (1974)
Change Partners
Child's Play
The Choice Is Yours
Combination Lock (1996)
Comedy Club
Concentration (1985)
The Confidence Game
Cop Out
Countdown (1974)
Countdown (1990)
The Couples Race
Decisions, Decisions
Dollar a Second
Duel in the Daytime
The Fashion Show
Fast Friends
$50,000 a Minute
Finish Line (1975)
Finish Line (1990)
Get Rich Quick
Going, Going, Gone!
Head of the Class
High Rollers
Hollywood Squares (1965)
Hollywood Squares (1985)
The Honeymoon Game
Hot Numbers
Hot Potato
House to House
How Do You Like Your Eggs?
Jackpot (1984)
Jeopardy (1977)
Jokers Wild
Key Witness
Keynotes (1986)
King of the Hill
Let's Make a Deal (1963)
Let's Make a Deal (1990)
The Love Experts
M'ama Non M'ama
Match Game (1962)
Match Game (1973)
Match Game (1990)
Match Game (1996)
MatchGame (2008)
Missing Links
Monday Night QB
Money Words
Money in the Blank
Monopoly (1987)
Nothing But the Truth
Now You See It (1986)
Party Line
People On TV
Play For Keeps
Play Your Hunch
The Plot Thickens
Pot O' Gold
Pressure Point
The Price Is Right (1972)
Pyramid (1996)
Pyramid (1997)
A Question of Scruples
Quick as a Flash
Razzle Dazzle
Run For The Money
Says Who?
Scrabble (1990)
Second Guessers
Second Honeymoon
Shoot for the Stars
Shoot the Works
Shopping Spree
Show Me
Simon Says
$64,000 Question (2000)
Smart Alecks
Smart Money
Split Decision
Star Cluster
Star Play
Strictly Confidential
Talking Pictures (1968)
Talking Pictures (1976)
Tell It to Groucho
Temptation (1981)
$10,000 Sweep
Three of a Kind
Tic Tac Dough
Top Secret
Twenty One (1982)
Twenty Questions
Up and Over
The Waiting Game
We've Got Your Number
What Do You Want?
What's On Your Mind
Wheel of Fortune
Whose Baby
Word Grabbers
Write Your Own Ticket
You Bet Your Life (1988)
You Bet Your Life (1991)
You're Putting Me On

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Bob Stewart Flow Chart

Unreviewed Pilots

The following is a list of pilots that I know exist, but have yet to review. In most cases, I do not have access to the pilot in question, some are behind the UCLA conversion wall, some are press mentions. They are sorted by date where known. Unknown dates are listed at the end.

DateTitleHost(s)Known CelebritiesProducerNetworkNotesLink
1949You Bet Your LifeGroucho Marx     
1951Rate Your MateJoey Adams Goodson-Todman UCLA Archive 
1953Quick as a FlashBil CullenBoris Karloff
Wendy Barrie
1953Choose Up SidesBob Kennedy Goodson-TodmanCBSUCLA Archive 
1953Fast Money    UCLA Archive 
1954Penny to a MillionBud Collyer     
1954Take Your ChoiceFred Allen Goodson-Todman UCLA Archive 
1956Do You Trust Your Wife?Edgar Bergen   UCLA Archive 
1956Play It with Music    UCLA Archive 
1957Lucky LadyKeefe Brasselle
Virginia Graham
 Walt FramerABCUCLA Archive 
1957Hobby Pay-offTom FrandsenAndy Devine
Jim Backus
Hugh O'Brien
1957ParlayJack Narz B&L Productions UCLA Archive 
1957What Makes You Tick?Dennis James Jason UCLA Archive 
1957What's the Name of that Song?Robert Alda Martin-WilliamsonABCUCLA Archive 
1958Brains and BrawnJack Lescoulie
Fred Davis
Jackie Jensen
Willie Mays
 NBCPage O'Clips 
1958Doctor I.Q.Tom Kennedy  ABCRehearsal/UCLA Archive 
1959Split PersonalityTom Poston Goodson-TodmanNBC  
1960PunchlineKen MurrayWilliam Demarest
Laraine Day
Jim Backus
Jack Carson
Dayton Allen
Arnold Stang
Joey Faye
Sid Fields
Dee Arlen
Muriel Landers
Jay Weston
Landau-Halperin UCLA Archive 
1960Say WhenArt James Goodson-Todman May be pilot (game was live in 1961, yet this one has a 1960 recording date) 
1960Sing OutJack SmithBuddy Bregman
Gayle Storm
  UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1961Tricky Triangle BowlingArt James (#1)
Bob Booker (#2)
 Al Wallace 2 pilots. UCLA has #2. 
1961Your First Impression Rhonda Fleming
Mickey Rooney
Art Stark UCLA Archive 
1962Pantomime Quiz    2 pilots. UCLA has #2. 
1962Your Surprise PackageGeorge Fenneman SingerCBSNighttime pilot of daytime show 
1962Stop Me If You've Heard this OneJohn ConteMorey Amsterdam
Helen Boice
Herkie Stykes
Dave Barry
Paramount UCLA Archive 
1963It Had To Be YouEd McMahon Goodson-Todman   
1963Missing LinksEd McMahonMilt Kamen
Phyllis Newman
Chester Morris
Goodson-Todman UCLA Archive 
1963The Object IsDick Clark  ABCUCLA Archive 
1964Get the MessageFrank BuxtonPeggy Cass
Phyllis Newman
Orson Bean
Howard Keel
Goodson-Todman May be pilot (celebrity combo never was on aired show) 
1964Ten Little IndiansRichard Hayes     
1965Take My WordMonty Hall Hatos-Hall UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1965Call My BluffBill LeydenGene Rayburn
Betty White
Goodson-Todman UCLA Archive (already reviewed 2/27/65 rehearsal) 
1966CrosswordGeorge FennemanTippi Hendren
Paul Lynde
1966The Face is FamiliarJack ClarkBill Cullen
Betsy Palmer
Bob Stewart   
1966What Are They Talking About?Dick Curtis   UCLA Archive has #2 (not available for viewing) 
1966Who What or Where GameJack Narz Ron Greenberg Source: Matt Kaiser 
1967Here Comes the Mother-in-LawWink MartindaleLouis Nye
Richard Dawson
Sandy Baron
Chuck BarrisABC2 Pilots. UCLA Archive. 
1967PersonalityLarry BlydenBill Cullen
Joan Fontaine
Milt Kamen
Bob Stewart  link
1967Talking PicturesAllen Ludden Hatos-Hall UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1968Celebrity GameBert ParksMichael Landon
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Jan Murray
Abby Dalton
Paul Lynde
Gypsy Rose Lee
1968ChallengeDon Morrow   2 pilots. UCLA Archive has #2. 
1968Generation GapDennis WholeyThe TurtlesTalent AssociatesABCUCLA Archive 
1968National Celebrity TestRegis PhilbinGreg Morris
Abby Lane
Ryan O'Neal
Joanie Somers
Chuck Barris UCLA Archive 
1968It Takes TwoHal March Ralph Andrews UCLA Archive 
1969Parent GameClark Race Chuck BarrisNBCUCLA Archive 
196XBrainteasersTom Hatten Mary Markham   
1970The Reel GameJack BarryAnthony QuinnJack BarryABCUCLA Archive 
1970Number's Up    UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1970It's PredictableGene Rayburn Goodson-Todman   
1971RunaroundPaul Winchell  NBCUCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1971Amateur Guide's to Love  Heatter-QuigleyCBS  
1972Perfect StrangersRick JeffriesChad EverettRalph AndrewsABCUCLA Archive 
1972Treasure HuntGeoff Edwards Chuck Barris Mentioned in an article about Chuck Barris. Source: Long Beach Independent Press-Telegram (Dec. 3, 1972) 
1972Battle of the BudgetsDick Enberg MC ProductionsCBS  
1972The Female AffairBill Ballance Dick Clark UCLA Archive 
1972Gossip Game    UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1973Beat the ProDon RicklesChi Chi Rodriguez  UCLA Archive 
1973Wheeler DealersDon Morrow  NBC  
1973Celebrity CountdownJaye P. Morgan  CBS  
1973Play the ActionJim McKrell  NBC  
1973Take FiveTony Hernandez  CBS  
1973Winner's Circle, TheTom Overton Al Howard   
1974ABC Carinval '74Bob McAllister Hatos-HallABCUCLA Archive (#2 only) 
1974High Rollers    Mentioned that the pilot was 'picked up in record time' in an article about Ruta Lee. Source: Winnipeg (MB) Free Press (Sep. 28, 1974) 
1974Say the Word    UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1974ShowdownJim Peck Ron Greenberg   
1974Money Words    UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1974The ChallengersAlan Kalter (as Alan Roberts) Ron GreenbergCBS  
1974Take FiveTony Hernandez  CBS  
1974Gossip Game    UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1974Winning StreakBill Cullen Bob Stewart UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1974Blank Check    2 piots. #1 on circuit with time code. #2 at UCLA but unavailable for viewing. 
1974Big SpendersPat Harrington Carruthers   
1975I've Got a SecretBill CullenElaine Joyce
Richard Dawson
Pat Collins
Henry Morgan
Rodney Dangerfield
1975NeighborsRegis Philbin Carruthers   
1975Rhyme or ReasonBob EubanksNipsey Russell
Jaye P. Morgan
Lee Meriwether
Richard Dawson
1975Safecrackers    UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1975Blankety BlanksBill CullenAnita Gillette
Soupy Sales
Bob StewartABCAccording to William Padron, there was a pilot with just civilians. 
1975World Quiz Game    UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1975Hollywood ConnectionJim Lange Barry-Enright UCLA Archive 
1975Three for the MoneyDick EnbergRobert Reed
Barbara Feldon
Hatos-Hall UCLA Archive (#1 only, #2 unavailable for viewing) 
1975Play It By Ear    UCLA Archive 
1975Smart MoneyJim Peck Ron Greenberg   
1975Caught in the ActJim PeckBill Cullen
Anne Meara
Anita Gillette
Clifton Davis
Stephanie Braxton
 ABCJohn Gabriel is mentioned as host on ticket, apparently he was fired between the ticket printing and the pilot. 
1976Family FeudRichard Dawson Goodson-Todman   
1976Liar's ClubBill ArmstrongLarry Hovis
Betty White
Peter Marshall
Pat McCormick
Ralph Andrews UCLA Archive 
1976Shoot the WorksGeoff EdwardsAnne Meara
Rick Hurst
Bob Stewart   
1976Word GrabbersJim LangeZsa Zsa Gabor
Dick Gauthier
Jan Murray
Fannie Flagg
Jack Cassidy
Elayne Joyce
Jay Leno
Ron GreenbergNBCUCLA Archive 
1976Fun FactoryBobby Van Fishman-FreerNBCUCLA Archive 
1976StumpersAllen Ludden Lin Bolen UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1976Fifty Grand SlamPeter Haskell Ralph Andrews UCLA Archive 
1976Equal PartnersBill Cullen Ralph Andrews  link
1976Double PlayJim Lange   Source: Modesto Bee (Dec. 19, 1976). At UCLA Archive (but unavailable for viewing) 
1976Second ChanceJim Peck Bill Carruthers   
1977Bowling off BallanceBill Ballance Charlie Stark UCLA Archive (for KTLA) 
1977Riddlers    UCLA has pilot #2, but unavailable for viewing. 
1977It's Anybody's Guess    UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1977Smart Alecks    2 pilots. UCLA Archive (not available for viewing). This may be the Ludden pilot. 
1977Celebrity SecretsBob EubanksZsa Zsa Gabor
McLean Stevenson
Sally Struthers
1977Pass the BuckBill Cullen Bob StewartCBS  
1977All-Star Charades    UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1978Card SharksJim Perry Goodson-Todman At least 2. 
1978Detective School     link
1978Twenty QuestionsJack ClarkAnne Meara
Tony Roberts
Gene Shalit
Kelly Garrett
1978Celebrity SecretsBob EubanksRobert Reed
Dody Goodman
Arthur Godfrey
Lee Meriwether
Charles Nelson Reilly
Hill-Eubanks UCLA Archive 
1978PunchlinersBob HiltonJoanne Worley (#1)
Pat McCormick (#1)
Geoff Edwards (#1)
Hans Conried (#2)
Misty Row (#2)
Soupy Sales (#2)
Ralph Edwards 2 pilots. UCLA Archive. 
1979Bargain HuntersGeoff Edwards   2 pilots. UCLA Archive (not available for viewing) 
1979Beat the Clock  Mark Goodson   
1979Instant ComedyKen Minyard Metromedia Mentioned in NAPTE Ad. Source: Broadcasting (Feb. 18, 1980) 
1979Mouth TrapRonnie Schell Metromedia Mentioned in NAPTE Ad. Source: Broadcasting (Feb. 18, 1980) 
1979Phrase ItJack Narz Time-Life Mentioned in NAPTE Ad. Source: Broadcasting (Feb. 18, 1980) 
1979Second HoneymoonJim McKrell Nicholson-Muir   
1979The Casino Game  Metromedia Mentioned in NAPTE Ad. Source: Broadcasting (Feb. 18, 1980) 
1979TemptationJed Allan  NBC  
1979MismatchArt JamesCarole Shelley
Marcia Rodd
James Coco
Time-Life Mentioned in NAPTE Ad. Source: Broadcasting (Feb. 18, 1980) 
1979PandemoniumSteve Edwards Bud Austin Source:
1979Chain ReactionBill CullenNipsey Russell
Joyce Bulifant
Bob StewartNBC  
1979Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards Barry-EnrightSyn.  
1979Punch LinesBill CullenEdie McClurg
7 others
Bob Stewart   
197XConfidence Game, TheJim McKrell Heatter-Quigley   
197XMake the SceneSteve Edwards Jack BarryABCUCLA Archive 
197XOo-La-LaNick ClooneyFred TravelenaNicholson-MuirABC  
1980Everything's RelativeJim Peck   2 pilots 
1980Have You Heard Of?    Mentioned in an article about a game show contestant. Source: Frederick (MD) News (Aug. 22, 1980) 
1980Press Your LuckPat Sajak Ralph Edwards  link
1980Rodeo DrivePeter Tomarken Jay Wolpert Source: 
1980PuzzlersPat Sajak Mark Goodson   
1980To Tell the TruthRobin WardPat Collins
Joe Siegel
John Wade
(based on NAPTE publicity photo)
Mark Goodson Usenet article mentions personal remembrance that said two hosts tried out that day. Have some doubts since publicity photos used for NAPTE 1980 only had Robin Ward. Celebrities projected from the publicity
1981Jeopardy!Alex Trebek Merv Griffin   
1981Pot LuckWesley Eure   Source: Elyria Chronicle-Telegram (July 3, 1981) 
1981Rhyme or ReasonJack ClarkMitzi McCall
Charlie Brill
  Source: Mark Evanier 
1981Duel in the DaytimePeter Tomarken Jay Wolpert UCLA Archive 
1982Take My Word for ItJim LangeLynn Redgrave
Gordon Jump
June Lockhart
Richard Kline
James Noble
Omni UCLA Archive 
1982TV's the GameTom Dressen (#1)
Jim Peck(#2)
 Intermedia 2 pilots. UCLA Archive has the Dressen pilot and the Jim Peck pitch video. Date reflects pitch video. 
1982People Are FunnySteve EdwardsRichard DeaconKatz-Gallin UCLA Archive 
1982Love ConnectionChuck Woolery Eric Lieber 2 pilots. UCLA Archive has #2. 
1983Anything for Money    Source: Elyria Chronicle-Telegram (Jan. 21, 1984) 
1983Famous Last WordsGeoff EdwardsVicki Lawrence
Abby Dalton
Charlie Siebert
Robert Klein
Bob Stewart   
1983Jeopardy!Alex Trebek Merv Griffin   
1983Press Your Luck      
1983The New Match Game  Mark Goodson  link
1983The New Price is Right  Mark Goodson  link
1983TV Classics  Glascow Productions  link
1983Dream HouseBob Eubanks Group W/Don Reid 3 pilots. UCLA Archive has #3. 
1983Fortune HuntersBob Hadley Jay Wolpert/Metromedia UCLA Archive 
1984Comedy ClubJim McKrellBrad Garrett
Izzy West
Billy Riback
Grant Turner
Sheryl Bernstein
Lin Bolen   
1984Hot Numbers  Heatter-Quigley Eventually became All-Star Blitz. 
1984ItGene Rayburn Hovis-Bernstein   
1984Name that Tune    Apparently aired. 
1984ScrabbleChuck Woolery     
1984Jackpot!Nipsey Russell Bob Stewart   
1984Hot StreakBruce Forsyth   UCLA Archive (#2 and #3 are on circuit, date not from UCLA) 
1984Fast FriendsBob Green Metromedia   
1985Catch PhraseArt James Paseta 2 pilots. 
1985It's a Funny LifeJason RandallBill Daily
Pat McKenzie
Arch Hall
Myra Cole
Funny Life UCLA Archive 
1985Quandaries    UK show. UCLA Archive 
1985Lucky NumbersAlex Trebek   2 pilots. 
1985Strike it Rich    Original titles of the show were Ditto and Arch Rivals. Source: Doylestown Intelligencer 
1985Magic Moments  Bill Carruthers   
1985MatchMatesMichael Burger Reg Grundy   
198XComedy CourtroomChuck Barris Chuck Barris   
1986Family GameJeff MacGregor Chuck Barris UCLA Archive 
1986Late Night LottoMichael Burger Marc Summers   
1986Second Guess    UCLA Archive 
1986Star ClusterJim McKrellAbby Dalton
Bob Ridgely
Jm. J Bullock
Doug Davidson
Shelley Taylor Morgan
1986Truth or Consequences    UCLA Archive 
1986Tricky BusinessBill Rafferty
Eric Boardman
 Charles Colarusso/Group W 3 pilots, unknown host for first 
1986Wordplay    UCLA Archive 
1987Critical Decisions     link
1987Trivial PursuitSteve Morris
Linda Marr
 Jay Wolpert One marked 'A', one marked '4' at UCLA Archive 
1987What Are My True Colors?Mike JarrettRichard Simmons
Leslie Charleson
1987Home Shopping GameBob Goen Home Shopping Ent. UCLA Archive 
1987YahtzeePeter MarshallCharles Nelson Reilly
JoAnne Worley
Rhonda Bates
Bob Ridgeley
Bruce Baum
Hovis/Andrews UCLA Archive 
1987Double DareBruce Jenner Viacom UCLA Archive (UCLA has July 30 as the record date) 
1987Strike a MatchRandy Hamilton     
1987Meet Your Mother-in-LawRoss Shafer Profile Productions UCLA Archive has him listed for pilot #2. 
1987Puzzle Roulette  Marty Pasetta 4 pilots. 
1987Stop the MusicDick Clark Dick Clark UCLA Archive 
1988Double Dare     link
1989Giveaway    UCLA Archive 
1988King PinsPat Bullard   Aired on Nickelodeon on July 29, 1988 
1988Third DegreePeter MarshallMarsha Warfield
Loni Anderson
Dom DeLuise
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds UCLA Archive 
1988Top SecretWink Martindale Martindale/Gilden   
1988Eye QHenry Polic II Bob Stewart   
1988Celebrity SecretsBob EubanksNorm Crosby
Sally Struthers
Ray Mancini
Lisa Hartman
Christopher Hewitt
Granoff/Mac III   
1988The Last WordWink Martindale     
1989ChallengersDick Clark Ron Greenberg UCLA Archive 
1989Match Game Brad Garrett
Marsha Warfield
Charles Nelson Reilly
Khrystyne Haje
Jerry Van Dyke
Teri Copley
 ABCUCLA Archive has #3 and #5. I've seen #5. 
1989Name that TunePeter Allen Pasetta UCLA Archive 
1989Split SecondRobb Weller Edwards-Billett (UCLA says 1990) 
1989Puzzle GameJim Lange PasettaCBS2 pilots. UCLA Archive. Date reflects #2. October 31 also seen as date. 
1989KeynotesClint HolmesRichard Kline
Gloria Loring
Reg Grundy UCLA Archive 
198XEngaged to Be MarriedJim McKrell     
198XI PredictDean Goss     
198XBirds of a FeatherHoward Q. Stevens Nicholson-Muir   
198XWinning ConnectionAlan Koss Alan Koss In-office run through 
1990Critical DecisionsEric BoardmanMichael Landon
Donna Mills
William Shatner
1990To Tell the TruthRichard KlineMorton Downey, Jr.
Cindy Adams
Lynn Swann
Lynn Redgrave
Mark Goodson   
1990Suit YourselfJim Peck Pasetta UCLA Archive 
1990Photo Finish      
1990ScrabbleSteve Edwards Reg GrundySyn.  
1990CountdownMichael JacksonHeather Thomas
Woody Harrelson
1990Two Heads Are Better than OnePeter Tomarken Bill Carruthers UCLA Archive 
1990GambitBob Eubanks     
1991Carmen Sandiego    Aired. At least 2. 
1991Perfect Match  CBS  link
1991You Bet Your LifeBill Cosby Casey-WernerSyn.  
1991Hollywood GamePeter Allen     
1992Caesar's ChallengeAhmad Rashad     
1992Hollywood GameBob Goen Mary Passeta UCLA Archive 
1992Splitting the Difference     link
1992Wanna BetMark McEwenMarsha Warfield
Martin Mull
Victoria Jackson
Evander Holyfield
1992Who's On Top?  CBS Source:
1993The Price is RightDoug Davidson Mark Goodson Bob Hilton announced. Second pilot shot the next day. 
1994Give and Take  Partner Stations  link
1996Blind Date  Universal  link
1996Grill Me    Offered for sale on the
1996Combination LockRoss King John Ricci   
19XXMillion Dollar Brain    UCLA Archive 
2000GenesisJim McKrell   Aired April 23, 2000 on PAX. 
2000Love and Harmony    For
2000Name that Video    For
2000PyramidDonny OsmondKelly Packard
Richard Kind
David Brennan
  One for daytime, one for NBC
2000The Game Behind the Music    For
2000Weakest LinkAnne Robinson
Richard Hatch
   Shot in U.K. with American contestants. Two pilots, one with Robinson and one with
2000Card SharksPat Bullard   Dealer: Daphne DuPleitlink
2001Friend or Foe     link
2001The Chair    An article about a lawsuit mentioned 4 pilots, two at 30 minutes, two at 60
2001Weakest LinkGeorge Gray (1)   3 pilots shot for syndication, only one done with George
2002PictionaryGraham Elwood     
2002Scrabble ChallengeJohn O'Hurley     
2002Scrabble ChallengeKennedy     
2002Telepathy    Source: 
2002TribondGraham Elwood     
2002Whammy!Todd Newton
Peter Tomarken
   2 pilots shot, one with Newton, one with
2002Smart Alecks, TheRon PearsonCraig J. Jackson
Pamela Yeager
Rich Williams
Shelly Pack
Jeff Burkhardt
Debi Gutierrez
Vinne Favorito
Ron Greenberg   
2003Roommates     link
2003Your Face or MineDan Levy    link
2004Queen for a DayMo'nique Gurin Aired on Lifetime on May 27,
2006IQ   MTVCraigslist 
2006Chain ReactionTim Vincent Embassy RowGSN link
2007Do You Trust Me?Tucker Carlson  CBS link
2007Power of 10  Embassy RowCBS link
2007(untitled)  City Lights TelevisionTVG link
2009PyramidTim Vincent
Dean Cain
Kathy Najimy
Jesse Metcalfe
Caroline Rhea
Ken Jennings
Norm McDonald
Embassy RowCBS2 taping days with multiple pilots for each hostlink
2009Let's Make a DealWayne Brady FremantleCBS  
2009Dating Game, TheJeff B. Davis  CBS  
1984BankoWink Martindale     
 Be My Date  MCA  link
 Best Friends  MCA  link
 Blockbusters  Mark Goodson Source: Chris Clementsen 
 Brain Freeze   GSN link
 Call-in Café  Sande StewartGSN link
 Change of Heart     link
 CramGraham Elwood  GSNHad a fourth round, different scoring system. 
 Destiny  Jeff Mirkin  link
 Go For It   NIK link
 Grill Me  MCA  link
 Higher/LowerTom Kennedy   David Hammett interview of Tom Kennedy 
 Humongous   NIK link
 IconRick Schwartz    link
 Intimate RelationsRoss Shafer    link
 I've Got a Secret  Burt Dubrow  link
 Love PsychicRoss Shafer Merill Heater  link
 Mob Rule     link
 MonopolyPeter Tomarken Merv Griffin  link
 My Generation   VH1 link
 National Lampoon's Funny MoneyJimmy Pardo    link
 New Gong Show   WB link
 Password Plus  Mark Goodson Source: Chris Clementsen 
 Perception!David Sparks Harmony-GoldSyn.Source: Howard Blumenthal 
 Perfect Match  Eric Lieber  link
 RansackedAlison Armitage Phil GurinUSA link
 Razz-M-TazzBob McAllister Metromedia Source: Howard Blumenthal 
 Seeing Stars  Fred Silverman  link
 ShapeshifterRick Schwartz    link
 Shoot for Love     link
 Show Me   ABC link
 Sing for Your SupperEnzo Stuarti Metromedia Source: Howard Blumenthal 
 Smartass     link
 StarcadeMark Richards
Alex Trebek
Mark Eruzione
 Sweethearts  Richard Reid  link
 That's Right     link
 That's the Question     link
 The Better Sex  Tribune  link
 The Late Game     link
 The Love ExpertsJack CassidyAlejandro Rey
June Lockhart
Totie Fields
Bob Stewart   
 The Lovely Carol     link
 The New Who, What or Where Game  Ron Greenberg Source: Randy Amasia 
 The Real DealGreg Proops    link
 Together Forever  Tiger AspectTLC link
 Top Ten Trivia Show  Lin BolenCBSSource: Milford Mail (March 25, 1982). May not have made it to pilot. 
 Treasure Hunt  Columbia Tri-Star  link
 Trivia Trap      
 Truth or Tabloid  Edwards-Billett  link
 Videoactive  Phil GurinMTV  
 What the Blank?Fred WillardAnna Nicole Smith
Zach Galifiniakis
Coors Twins
FremantleFOXRemake of Match Game 
 Why Didn't I Think of That?Ross Shafer    link
 Wise Guys  Lin BolenNBCSource: Milford Mail (March 25, 1982). May not have made it to pilot. 

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